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Payment methods

Charonia Charonia S.L. makes the following methods of payment available to any user of their online shop:

Bank transfer or account lodgement.

Once the order is complete, and this method has been selected a window will open displaying the account number where this transfer or deposit is to be made to.

To facilitate the shipment of your order it would be beneficial to send us your proof of deposit by e-mail to

It is important that you state the order number and your name or company name so that Charonia S.L. can quickly identify the payment.

Once your order has been confirmed you will have 7 days to make the deposit or transfer; after which Charonia S.L. will consider the order as cancelled.


By means of a payment runway for bank cards, supplied by Sistema 4B, with which we guarantee a simple, fast and above all safe purchase. Your credit card details will not be recorded in any Database as they are entered directly into the Bank's POS (Point of Sale Terminal).

In this way, Charonia S.L. does not receive your credit card details at any time, it only receives the order payment confirmation.


Due to its speed and security, this world known system is currently one of the most used systems for Internet sales.

To be able to pay for your purchases using this system you must have a Paypal account. For further information please visit the following link:


Charonia S.L. customers can choose to close the order accepting their usual payment method that will be revised once the order reaches the company, with Charonia reserving the right to modify the same in function of the total order amount as well as to retain the order or to cancel it if there are pending payments.